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About Me

Family First!


Of course my family comes first!  I am blessed to be married to my best friend Kyle! I am a mom of six wonderful kids and grandma of 1.  I have 4 girls and 2 boys ranging in age 1 to 22 years old!  And my granddaughter is 2 years old and grandbaby #2 is due in August.  I love being a stay/work at home mom and I love that Paparazzi gives me the opportunity to be home with them and enjoy every moment of them growing up.

My Why


I started my journey with Paparazzi because we were looking for a way for me to make a little extra money for our family while still being able to stay home. With having 6 kids I have always been on a budget and before I joined I hardly ever bought jewelry for myself because I would feel guilty for spending the extra money, even though I loved having new pieces to go with different outfits. Now since I joined Paparazzi it has given me the opportunity to have beautiful pieces of jewelry to match my different outfits with having any guilt! Now some of the amazing things about being a part of the Paparazzi Family that I didn't know I would gain are the extra confidence in myself, the ability to push myself WAY out of my comfort zone, hitting big goals I set for myself, meeting so many AMAZING new friends and extra confidence to just be ME!! I typically am a shy, quiet person and would never have dreamt that I would do live sales, events or travel by myself! Joining Paparazzi not only has given me the opportunity to earn extra money for our family but also a new BETTER version of ME! I am thankful everyday for all the wonderful things I have gained with being a part of Paparazzi! If you are looking for a way to be a BETTER Version of YOU, make new friends, gain confidence, step out of your comfort zone and make extra money in the process, then you NEED to chat with me today about joining my team! Don't wait, start your future today! 



A little more about me!  I am laid back, fun, and a go with the flow kind girl!  I love camping, being outside, spending time with my family,  campfires, puzzles, games and just relaxing on a Sunday watching a good movie.  I am a simple girl but I enjoying getting dressed up from time to time.  On any given day you will probably find me in Jeans and a t-shirt or LulaRoe leggings and shirt (of course with a little bit of bling on ;-) ).  I was very shy before I started with Paparazzi but now I love meeting new people and helping them gain confidence, like I did, with beautiful $5 Jewelry!